The York Wilson Foundation for Visual Arts’ (YWFVA) mandate is to encourage public awareness, interest and involvement in the artistic legacy of renowned Canadian artist York Wilson (1907-1984). The Foundation maintains a complete website of its holdings for the purposes of education, art history and research. The web pages are resources designed to engage the public in exploring York Wilson's unique life and work. Donations of works of art and supporting grants from the holdings of the YWFVA are available to qualified programs in order to expand the art collections of Canadian non-profit institutions and museums. The Foundation’s intent is to enrich Canada’s vibrant cultural tapestry through its donations and grants, and to assist in fostering greater participation in the visual arts in general.

The website has been developed to serve as an information and educational resource for the general public. We encourage you to take a look at our website and hope you enjoy the experience.

The Board of Directors